At DCA, we offer a varied, challenging and rewarding working environment. The work we do shapes the experience of Christmas across the world.

We are looking for capable and motivated people to help make our vision happen.

You don’t need to have experience in a government department or the Christmas sector. Our staff have backgrounds in a range of fields in the public and private sectors.

Working for DCA offers a range of benefits including an inclusive workplace with flexible working conditions and competitive salaries.

Working for DCA offers a variety of benefits:

  • Ample time off to relax and recharge
  • Five paid volunteer days a year for our reindeer re-homing program
  • Unlimited access to milk and cookies
  • Two tickets to the exclusive ‘Yippee ki yay’ office Christmas party

At DCA, we:

  • collaborate to innovate, working with animals and mythical creatures to make a difference
  • invest in high performance by nurturing talent and building skill in others
  • walk the talk, being nice and leading by example
  • trust and empower our people
  • listen with intent and value contributions

We want to attract and retain people, and motivate them to deliver outstanding performance by:

  • having the right people in the right place to do the job
  • building the right capability
  • continuing to improve our culture and leadership
  • investing in developing people’s careers and abilities so we have good leaders
We need capable and motivated people to work with us at DCA. Check our current vacancies to see what jobs are available and whether your training and experience suits our needs.

DCA has a number of current vacancies. We welcome applications from people, elves and animals from diverse backgrounds.

Job name Closing date

Naughty List Intelligence Analyst

December 24, 2023

Bad Gift Enforcement Officer

December 24, 2023

Reindeer Gift Delivery Logistics Support Officer

December 24, 2023

Magic Sleigh Traffic Control

December 24, 2023
How to apply for an advertised vacancy at DCA, including responding to the selection requirements and submitting your application online.

Working at DCA is challenging, rewarding and a worthwhile investment in your career.

Before you apply
  • You must satisfy the mandatory components of roles as specified in the candidate pack. These may include required qualifications and/or clearances (for example, a ‘Working with Naughty People’ card)

Should you be offered a role at DCA you will have to undergo a number of pre-employment checks. These may include:

  • a pre-employment Gift Wrapping Assessment (we will facilitate this)
  • a naughty-or-nice check
  • providing evidence of:
    • North Pole citizenship
    • jollyness aptitude
    • security clearance to the level of Secret Santa
Select the job you wish to apply for

Each job vacancy in the current vacancies list will show the closing date (date and time) for applications. Applications will not be accepted after a job vacancy has been closed.

Apply online

Apply for a position

Discover how we review job applications, shortlist appropriate applicants, determine the successful candidate and notify everyone of the outcome via Elfmail
Review applications and shortlist

After the closing date, we assess all of the applications against the requirements of the job. At the end of this process we have a shortlist of potentially suitable applicants.

If you are shortlisted we may ask you to undergo further assessment onsite at our North Pole facility so we can determine your ability to perform the role.

If you are not shortlisted we will advise you by Elfmail, either at this point or at the end of the selection process.

Assess shortlisted applicants

We usually assess shortlisted applicants through one, or more, of the following methods:

  • interviews (over the phone or face-to-face) — this is the most common method
  • referee checks
  • work samples
  • group activities at assessment centres.

Sometimes, we will choose the successful applicant based only on the written application and referee reports.


At interviews, we usually ask questions that are:

  • based on the requirements of the role
  • behavioural — we describe a work scenario and ask what actions you would take
  • example-based — we ask you to give examples from your previous jobs that demonstrate you have the relevant skills or experience
  • We also give you the opportunity to ask questions about the job or the department.

If you are chosen as the successful applicant — well done! We will contact you to begin the onboarding process. We recommend you wait for a written offer from us before resigning from your current job.

If you haven’t been successful this time, don’t give up. Ask for feedback to help you improve your future applications.

We may place candidates that were found suitable — but didn’t get the job — in a merit pool for future roles. This is at the discretion of the selection panel.

Our graduate program starts in November each year and is based in the North Pole. It is a full-time, 2-month introduction to Christmas governance offered to university graduates.

Applications for our 2023 Graduate Program open 01 December 2023 and close 21 January 2023.

As a graduate you will help to develop and implement Christmas policy, programs and services. We are looking for people to work in policy and corporate roles.

Hear from one of our 2023 Graduates, Ellie Louse Franklin

Apply for the Grad program